What Commercial Janitorial Services Can Do for You

Are you familiar with commercial janitorial services? If you think of dusting, vacuuming and trash removal, you’re on the right track… but there’s much more to be gained from a janitorial services company. When you partner with a janitorial cleaning company, you can benefit from an array of services that will help keep your commercial setting in top shape.

Sharp surroundings

A clean environment is an inviting environment. You want to create a space that welcomes customers and employees, and regular cleaning is key to achieving this. A janitorial services company provides a wide range of services to maintain a clean and organized setting. Services typically include:

  • Trash removal: Your janitorial cleaning company can empty trash containers, dispose of trash in a designated area and replace trash can liners.
  • Dusting: Cleaning specialists can clean all counters, desks, tables, bookshelves, ledges and more to keep your work areas dust free.
  • Detailing: For spaces such as conference rooms and reception areas, you may want a more detailed cleaning. A janitorial services company can provide this thorough cleaning to ensure these areas are ready to make a great first impression.
  • Sanitizing: A janitorial cleaning company is equipped with the right products and tools to keep your bathrooms and kitchens appropriately sanitized and disinfected.
  • Supplies: Never worry about running out of paper and soap supplies. Your cleaning service can replenish these necessities to keep your kitchens and bathrooms well stocked each day.
  • Flooring: Keep your floors looking clean and inviting with dry mopping, damp mopping and vacuuming of hard surface floors and carpeting.
  • Windows: Clean windows brighten your surroundings. Your janitorial services company can keep your panes free of dirt, grime and streaks.


Moving your business is a significant endeavor. There are many details that must be attended to, including a lot of cleaning. To take some of these tasks off your plate, put them in the hands of a capable janitorial cleaning company.

  • Garbage: The janitorial services company can remove any final trash and debris from the premises and dispose of everything properly.
  • Dusting/polishing: You can leave you old building in good shape for the next owners as well as prep your new place for move-in. Your expert cleaners will polish cabinets and woodwork, clean counters and polish stainless steel, so everything is sparkling for your move-in day.
  • Window cleaning: Windows are often overlooked during a move-in. Let a janitorial services company vacuum, clean and polish the window frames and clean the panes, to provide like-new surroundings for your move-in.
  • Packing materials: Your cleaning experts can also help with the removal of packing materials, stickers, boxes and other debris that piles up during a move.

Ongoing maintenance

The day-to-day maintenance of your operations involves more than dusting and vacuuming. A janitorial services company can also help with the many other tasks that are necessary to keep your surroundings in good working order.

Your cleaning services can assist with the replacement of light bulbs, the cleaning of plants, dusting high areas, maintaining the janitor’s closet and special event cleanup.

We’re here to help

Stay Clean Solutions offers complete janitorial services—office cleaning, building maintenance, construction project final cleanings, move-ins, move-outs and more. We are your perfect partner to maintain sharp commercial surroundings. Contact us today to get started.