November 11, 2023 Steven Aversa

2023-12-19 | 15:07:35

"Stay Clean Solutions has been cleaning are floors and building for 4 years . They do great work ! Floors look great after they clean them !!! Always nice to work in a clean building. Friendly staff , great work and very trustworthy! I highly recommend them !"
August 23, 2023 Zaid

2023-12-19 | 15:07:34

"This cleaning business ensures our dealership always looks its best. They have excellent customer service."
July 28, 2023 Peter and Mary Battle

2023-12-19 | 15:07:36

"We have been very happy with Stay Clean Solutions. Management is very involved and any issues that come up are handled quickly and effectively."
July 14, 2023 Leo

2023-12-19 | 15:07:37

"I recently hired Stay Clean Solutions, a cleaning company recommended by a dealership. They exceeded my expectations with their highly professional approach and their outstanding cleaning services for my commercial building's. I wholeheartedly recommend them, and I would give them a perfect 10/10 rating."
July 14, 2023 Kimberly Malhas

2023-12-19 | 15:07:35

"Stay Clean exceeds all of our expectations on a daily basis. No matter the issue we throw at them they conquer it with a smile. Their staff is friendly, courteous, trustworthy and considerate when we still have customers in our dealership after hours during their “working time”. Hiring Stay Clean will keep your business clean, help you Stay Safe, and help you Stay Happy! A+ service every time!!! Thank you Nabil, Elie, and the Stay Clean Team!"