June 2, 2023 Juan Mercedes

2023-12-19 | 15:07:38

"Was very fortunate to find this company as I moved to Michigan. I needed custom quoting and got it, I asked for good terms I got it, and on top of that I get great consultations and quality work on multiple business they service for me. Will definitely continue to work with Stay Clean Solutions today and in the future."
March 13, 2023 Patty Petersen

2023-05-01 | 15:12:48

"We've been using Stay Clean Solutions since October 2022. They're friendly, professional and do a great job cleaning. I highly recommend their cleaning services."
August 20, 2020 Karen C.

"Switching to Stay Clean Solutions for my properties was one of the best decisions I could've made. They always go the extra mile, are very reliable, and it's truly amazing how clean and fresh everything is!"