Hire Car Dealership Cleaners to Keep Your Space Looking Its Best!

If you operate a car dealership, you know it’s crucial to create a great first impression for customers. You want a clean, smoothly-running business with a friendly team that’s ready to help anyone looking for a car. That begins with having quality car dealership cleaners who will leave your showroom looking spotless and welcoming.

Read on to find out more about how the experts at Stay Clean Solutions can help your business create that all-important positive first impression on your customers and make them more likely to buy a car.

Car dealership and showroom cleaning services

We’re pleased to offer all of the following services to support your dealership:

  • Streak-free window cleaning
  • Comprehensive scrubbing of body shop floors and service drop-off areas
  • Meticulous cleaning of showroom floors
  • General cleaning of lobbies, waiting areas, offices and service departments
  • Special event cleanup
  • Providing all restroom supplies
  • Commercial cleaning and disinfection of restrooms
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Disinfection and cleaning of offices and cubicles
  • Maintenance of hardwood floors
  • Dusting of displays and sales racks
  • Sweeping and power washing of parking lots
  • Recycling services for office materials and automotive parts

Maintenance of car showroom floors

One thing we pride ourselves on in particular is extending the life of your car showroom’s floors. We offer all the elements of a thorough floor-cleaning program that will improve your floor’s appearance and make it last for the long run. Our talented team makes sure that all of the following is done:

  • Cleaning services are completed for specific floor types
  • Frequency and duration of cleaning is specific to the amount of traffic and floor type
  • Team members are trained for each specific floor-care task
  • State-of-the-art equipment is utilized, and all tools are in working order
  • Chemicals used in cleaning are matched to floor type

All of this is essential to ensure that your dealership’s floors are the best environment for your automotive products. Keeping a squeaky-clean environment won’t just mean that you’ll impress potential customers—you’ll also create a positive space for your employees as well.

Unparalleled janitorial services

Stay Clean Solutions supports your dealership by delivering seamless commercial cleaning along with a range of specialized services. The fact is that car dealerships are heavily-trafficked places that may look perfect at the beginning of the week, but quickly lose that shine as more and more customers come in looking for their ideal new set of wheels. Regular service from professional cleaners means your dealership will look polished and presentable at all times.

If you’re looking for leading car dealership cleaners, then Stay Clean Solutions is here to meet your needs. We’ve offered reliable, high-quality cleaning services to businesses all over the area for over 30 years. We do it all, from office cleaning to move-ins and move-outs, tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaning and more. We believe a clean business keeps employees happy and keeps customers coming back time and time again. Give us a call today to learn more and receive a free estimate—we look forward to assisting you!