The Benefits of Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning Services

Commercial floor cleaning is an essential part of building maintenance. Dirty, dingy floors give a negative first impression to potential customers and bring down the morale of employees. To keep your surroundings looking sharp, invest in quality cleaning services that properly maintain your floors. From marble and stone cleaning to hardwood polishing, this service will help keep your floors in top shape. Here’s how it works.

Thorough treatment

The best commercial floor cleaning includes full maintenance of all flooring surfaces. Technicians will seal, strip, wax, buff, pressure wash and scrub floors as needed to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned. Using the appropriate method for each surface is key.

Professional products

Commercial floor cleaning services use floor finishing products that keep your floors looking great. If you want the best shine after your marble and stone cleaning, or on your hardwood surfaces, commercial floor cleaning is a must. In high-traffic areas, floors experience a lot of wear and tear, and only the best products can restore the surface shine and keep your surroundings inviting.

In-depth knowledge

Floors that are damaged or scuffed can be challenging to clean. Fortunately, experts who specialize in commercial floor cleaning can handle these tough jobs. Even the most damaged finishes are not beyond repair when you trust the job to technicians who have the right skills, products and knowledge.

Standout surroundings

When your floors are cleaned regularly by a professional, people take notice. Your commercial setting will stand out from the rest. Clean, attractive surroundings are desirable, and commercial floor cleaning can help you maintain a setting that draws customers and employees to your business.

Step-by-step process

For thorough carpet, hardwood, marble and stone cleaning, it’s important to perform cleaning tasks regularly. Here’s a closer look at what professional commercial cleaners recommend.

For carpets, vacuum the floors every day. This is particularly important for high-traffic areas. When vacuuming is not done frequently, dirt and grime build up in the carpet and diminish its appearance and shorten its lifespan.

For hard surfaces, mop regularly. As with carpets, you don’t want to allow a film of dirt to build up. This can wear away wax finishes. Use a mixture of warm water and a neutral detergent to remove dirt from hard floors. Complete the mopping with a mop rinsing of cold water.

To keep your surfaces shiny, buff floors with a high-speed buffer. Choose a buffer with 2000 RPM or less to avoid damaging the floor. After buffing, apply a wax product to the surface if it’s a waxed floor. Note: You may not need to add a new coat of wax if the floor responds to the previous treatment and already looks smooth and shiny.

Quality cleaning at reasonable rates

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