Why Essential Businesses Need Professional Cleaning Services During a Pandemic

As essential businesses struggle to stay afloat, they’re also shouldering the burden of heightened safety precautions. Business owners can keep their doors open with help from a team of certified coronavirus cleaning specialists in Livonia, MI. Below are some of the many reasons why essential businesses should hire a professional cleaner as part of their COVID-19 cleaning procedures.

Professional disinfectants are more effective

Employees should take matters into their own hands and do some amount of disinfecting around the office. However, the cleaning supplies you’ll find at the store in Livonia, MI are far below the standards of professional disinfecting products. Their containers are plastered with deceptive language like “industrial strength” and claim to be on par with “hospital” quality.

The truth is, professional cleaning services use disinfectants that kill a lot more COVID-19 germs than whatever you can find on the shelf. Since professional-grade disinfectants aren’t available to the public, essential businesses must collaborate with their local cleaning specialists as part of a comprehensive COVID-19 cleaning regimen.

Minimize contact with infected surfaces

The safety of workers should be a business owner’s number one priority. With that in mind, it doesn’t make sense for employees to risk coming into contact with contaminated surfaces. If a single employee tests positive for the novel coronavirus, this could be enough to trigger an outbreak across the entire company.

That’s why you should leave the disinfecting to a professional. Cleaning services are designed to kill viruses in the most effective way possible without doing harm to others or themselves. Hiring a professional to disinfect your workspace keeps your daily operations running like normal without the fear of getting employees sick.

Specialists apply cleaners the right way

Disinfectants lose their effectiveness when they’re applied incorrectly to surfaces. Not all cleaning products are the same, and they often come with specific instructions that people don’t follow. There’s a lot of work that goes into COVID-19 cleaning protocols, and despite their good intentions, employees are liable to skip over crucial steps.

You can eliminate this risk of error by hiring a team of professionals from Livonia, MI. Each member has to complete training sessions before they become a certified coronavirus cleaning specialist. Essential businesses need a strict disinfecting routine, and it has to be done right.

Reach every corner of the workplace

Store-bought cleaners only disinfect a small portion of your workspace. The certified coronavirus cleaning products in a professional’s arsenal will neutralize viruses throughout your company’s building, even in hard-to-reach places like air ducts. Professionals spray disinfectant across all surfaces using special tools that aren’t commercially available, which makes cleaning services an indispensable part of your safety protocols.

Now more than ever, professional cleaning services are well worth the investment. Essential businesses need help from the specialists at Stay Clean Solutions so they can remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic and be safe while doing so. Feel free to send us your questions about how our professional-grade cleaning products keep essential businesses in Livonia, MI safe.