A Clean Store Keeps Consumers Happy and Safe!

Cleanliness is always important in a retail environment. Customers are much less likely to want to patronize your store if it appears to be a filthy, unorganized mess!

But now, having a clean, sanitary environment is more important than ever before, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. If customers are going to set foot in your store, they’re going to want assurances you are doing everything you can to make it a safe, sanitary environment for them.

Working with a store cleaning service is one of the best ways to create that sort of environment for your customers. Here’s a quick overview of how to keep your store in Livonia, MI clean during the pandemic and beyond:

  • Build it into your schedule: To truly keep your facilities clean and sanitary, you need to have a regimented schedule for how you will handle your cleaning. Arrange cleaning by room or by section of the store. Which areas need to be cleaned daily or multiple times a day? Which areas can be cleaned weekly? Set up a thorough schedule and stick to it every week.
  • Perform tests: Have your ductwork and HVAC cleaned on a regular basis to ensure proper ventilation and to avoid the spread of viruses, bacteria and mold. Perform mold tests to make sure you’re not experiencing any growth in any of the vents or other out-of-reach areas in your building.
  • Disinfect surfaces: This is especially important during the pandemic—you should frequently disinfect high-touch surfaces. It’s not enough to just wipe them down—you need to make sure you’re using approved disinfectant products that are actually effective at removing germs, viruses and bacteria from those surfaces.
  • Perform regular deep cleaning: In addition to the normal cleaning tasks that you schedule as described above, you should also schedule occasional deep cleaning sessions. This includes cleaning your floors, carpets, high ceiling areas, displays, windows, employee-only spaces and anywhere else you might not typically get to during your regular cleaning sessions.
  • Don’t forget the outdoors: While cleaning your outdoor areas isn’t necessarily going to do anything to improve your COVID-19 safety, it’s still a good habit to get into to present your company well and show your customers you care about the details. For example, power washing your parking lots, sidewalks, entryways, railings, building exterior, siding and other surfaces can make a big difference in your property’s appearance and curb appeal. Once a year you should have a company come in and perform a thorough parking lot pavement cleaning to get rid of any oil stains, tire marks or debris and grime that gets embedded in the lot. Trim your bushes and trees and engage in high-quality landscaping practices. Remove graffiti as soon as it occurs. This will all help you make a better impression on your customers.

If this sounds like a lot of work, remember that a store cleaning service in Livonia, MI can help. To learn more about some of the steps you should take on a regular basis to keep your store clean, we encourage you to contact Stay Clean Solutions today.