The Best Commercial Cleaners in South East Michigan

Cleaning isn’t something your customers will think about, but they will notice how nice and clean your business is when they walk through the doors when you use professional cleaning services. From auto dealership cleaning services to commercial janitorial companies, professional cleaning services like Stay Clean Solutions make a difference. 

If you are a business owner and want the best commercial cleaners in South East Michigan, look no further than Stay Clean Solutions. When you need auto dealership cleaning services or commercial janitorial companies for your business, there are a few things you should look for when deciding on who to use.


When we don’t get around to cleaning our homes, it isn’t necessarily a big deal. For our businesses, however, a lack of cleanliness can have a multitude of negative consequences. For example, an unclean office or showroom can make an awful first impression in addition to presenting an unfavorable image of your company or brand. Working with reliable and professional cleaning companies eliminates those concerns and helps your business to make a great impression.


There are many different options regarding cleaning techniques, products, and services. The best commercial cleaners are the same businesses that use only the highest quality products and provide the highest quality of work. Ineffective or second-tier products can damage surfaces and deliver a less-than-effective cleaning job. 


Another key consideration to look for when choosing a professional cleaning company is experience. Companies like Stay Clean Solutions have provided reliable and quality cleaning services since 1984. That also means that when it comes to professional cleaning, Stay Clean Solutions has been there and done that, and is still doing a spotless job today.

Contracting with professional cleaning companies will do more than keep your office, showroom, and business looking great. From the cost of cleaning supplies and equipment to the labor and effort involved, professional cleaning services can also save companies time and money.

Stay Clean Solutions Professional Cleaning Services

Welcome to Stay Clean Solutions, a family-owned and operated professional cleaning company. We proudly serve the Metro Detroit and Southeast Michigan area with cleaning services they can count on and that their customers will notice. 

We believe a clean business keeps employees happy and healthy, and customers coming back time and time again. Contact us to learn more about our services or to schedule a cleaning service for your business today.