How To Properly Clean Marble

Marble is an incredibly durable stone that lasts for more than 1,000 years when maintained properly. The ancient ruins of Rome and Greece are just some of the many examples of marble’s widespread use and popularity throughout history.

And why not? The marble looks terrific, is very durable, and works well for a variety of structural purposes. Marble often is used for:

  • Flooring
  • Steps
  • Countertops
  • Tables
  • Decorative elements

Marble is certain to collect dust, spills, and other items that routinely fall onto floors, steps, and other items that contain marble. Even a marble statue suffers from weathering and the potential effects of acid rain. Fortunately, some marble cleaning tips can help you keep your marble surfaces in the best possible condition. 

How To Keep Marble Clean and Looking Great

You do not need special equipment or cleaners to maintain marble at your home. Some basic cleaning gear should work fine to keep your marble clean, shiny, and looking great for many more years.

Many marble cleaning companys use commercially available stone cleaning products, including industrial cleaning compounds. You should not need them and instead could either buy a dedicated spray for cleaning marble or make your own solution. For example, hot water with a little dish detergent mixed with it is a great homemade cleaning solution for marble.

You never should use anything that is abrasive to scrub the marble. You also should avoid any cleaning solutions or compounds that contain hydrofluoric acid, which could damage the marble. But you should use clean cloths and clean rag mops to clean your marble.

Pay Attention To Spills and Other Minor Accidents

Whenever something spills onto a marble surface, the faster you remove it, the less the chance it might create a stain or otherwise cause damage. You should use a clean cloth or rag mop to soak up any spills.

Never scrub the spot, even when you are just cleaning it. Instead, let it soak into the cloth or rag mop and remove it. Once the spill is cleaned, you can flush the area with water and use a cleaning solution, clean cloths, or a clean rag mop to give it a final cleaning.

Hire a Marble Cleaning Company for Especially Bad Marble Messes

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