What Is a Floor Finish?

Keeping your office’s flooring in top condition is essential if you want to impress clients and give your employees a sense of complete cleanliness. After all, nothing screams unclean and unprofessional like scuffed-up or dirty floors. Hiring a professional to perform floor finishing is the best way to protect your floors from unsightly scratches and/or return them to their original beauty.

Floor finish products are like floor wax, which is all natural, while finishing products are synthetic. The type of finish to use on your floors depends on your flooring material. For example, the finish that’s used on marble might not be the best option if your floors are hardwood.

Steps to apply a floor finish

Floor finishing is best left to the professionals—but if you’re planning on doing it yourself, follow these steps:

  • Prep the area: The first step is to prepare the area by placing caution or wet floor signs in the spaces that are about to be finished. You can’t have any foot traffic on top of the finish for at least eight hours after the finish dries, or else you’ll have unsatisfactory results. To aid in the drying process, set up several floor dryers around the space that’s about to be finished.
  • Apply the first coat: Next apply a small amount of your floor-finishing solution to a mop head or buffer, and spread a thin layer of the finish evenly across the floor with a 15 to 25 percent overlap on each pass. Be sure to keep this layer very thin. Coats that are too thick will cure improperly, ruining the whole process.
  • Apply additional coats: After waiting for the first coat to dry for about 30 minutes, go over the area again with an additional coat. The more layers you put on the floor, the better it will be protected against scratches and scuff marks.
  • Clean up: You’ll need to clean any leftover finishing product off the mop, buffer or any other equipment that came in contact with the solution. The finish can be nearly impossible to remove from your equipment once it’s dried.

Tips to keep your floor looking its best

Floor finishing is just one aspect of proper floor care. Your professional cleaning service will also handle these tasks to keep your floors in like-new condition:

  • Vacuum: Dirt buildup can wear away the floor finish and leave your floors vulnerable to scratches once again. Daily vacuuming is the best way to eliminate this harmful dirt.
  • Mop: Your professional will also mop your entire floor to get rid of any stuck-on or leftover dirt and debris. Rinse the area with cool water after mopping with warm water.
  • Buff: A professional cleaning service can buff your floors with or without a floor-finishing product. This step can remove light scratches to prevent them from worsening.

Do you need a professional cleaning service?

Whether you need a team to provide one-time floor finishing or a crew for nightly cleaning, contact Stay Clean Solutions. We provide a complete range of janitorial services to keep your office or commercial building in pristine condition.