The Link Between Workplace Cleanliness and Employee Productivity: Detroit’s Professional Cleaners Share Insights

Image,of,person,holding,mop,pail,and,man,cleaning,floorThe Link Between Workplace Cleanliness and Employee Productivity: Detroit’s Professional Cleaners Share Insights

The workplace acts as a second home where people spend most of their time working. The situation has been further emphasized with the pandemic-induced remote work. In these scenarios, any clutter or dirt in the work area can lead to adverse effects on the employees, reducing their productivity, and morale. This is where workplace cleanliness comes into play. Detroit’s professional cleaners share their insights on the link between workplace cleanliness and employee productivity in our blog post below.

Benefits of a Clean Workplace

1. Promotes Health

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of keeping the workplace environment clean has increased significantly. A dirty workspace harbors germs and bacteria that might lead to an outbreak of illnesses among employees. Additionally, spending hours working in a polluted environment can also negatively impact one’s respiratory system. On the other hand, a clean workspace is free of disease-causing germs and bacteria, promoting the employee’s overall health.

2. Increases Concentration

A cluttered and messy workspace is a breeding ground for distractions. Employees may find themselves distracted by the mess surrounding them, leading to a loss of focus. Reports have shown that a dirty workspace leads to a decrease in employee’s productivity leading to more mistakes. On the other hand, a clean and organized space promotes orderliness and fosters a focused working environment. Allowing employees to be present and be more efficient.

3. Reduces Stress

Psychologically speaking, a clean workspace translates to reduced stress levels. Working amidst clutter and dirt leads to feelings of anxiety and stress, negatively impacting productivity and performance. On the other hand, a clean and sanitized workspace presents a sense of calm, peacefulness, and well-being among workers, ultimately leading to higher productivity levels.

4. Promotes Professionalism

A clean workspace reflects the level of professionalism that a company observes. A clean and well-maintained workspace portrays an image of a well-organized business that values its workers. This, in turn, can increase an employee’s confidence in their work area leading to improved motivation, job satisfaction, and ultimately, higher productivity on the job.

5. Reduces Absenteeism

Absenteeism is a major issue that affects businesses across different industries. Though there can be several reasons behind employee absenteeism, workplace cleanliness is a major factor. A clean and healthy workspace reduces the number of sick days that employees take, increasing the overall level of availability in the workplace while reducing the cost of employee downtime for the business.

Scheduling Professional Cleaning Services

Regular professional cleaning services are a must to maintain workspace cleanliness at all times. Partnering with professional cleaners can ensure a clean and hygienic environment because of the deep cleaning that is carried out consistently. A cleaning schedule is arranged to cater to the particulars of the workplace, the requirements of various departments, and the business’s size. Cleaning professionals can cater to both the small and large-scale work environment efficiently, ensuring all areas are cleaned thoroughly.

Professional cleaners carry out several types of cleaning services, including:

1. Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning businesses is vital as it touches and cleans every corner of the workplace. This includes; Cleaning floors, carpets, and windows thoroughly, ensuring that loose dirt and other debris are removed, and everything is sanitized for optimal hygiene. Deep cleaning visits should commence out of hours to ensure little disruption to day-to-day activities.

2. Bathroom Cleaning

Office restrooms are exposed to human waste, and this means they should be cleaned thoroughly to avoid any probable infections. Professional cleaners sanitize these areas regularly and replace all bathroom amenities such as soap, paper towels, and toilet rolls.

3. Break Room Cleaning

Break rooms should also be cleaned thoroughly as they are common areas with communal facilities such as fridges, microwaves, and chopping boards. Dirty and disorganized break rooms encourage the accumulation of germ and bacteria, which may lead to infections. Professional cleaning companies sanitize all areas of communal spaces, taking care of kitchen appliances and surfaces to mitigate these risks.

4. Surface and Equipment Cleaning

All surfaces, including desks, computers, photocopiers, and printers, should ensure cleanliness. Cleaning should include wiping down equipment with the right disinfectants to reduce the risk of infections spread through touch.


Maintaining a clean work environment is essential, not only for hygiene reasons but worker productivity too. It’s crucial to schedule regular cleanings for the entire workspace to ensure a safe and productive environment. Partnering with professional cleaners means that you can entrust the cleaning needs of the workspace fully to an experienced team that provides thorough cleaning services. Moreover, it provides tracking of cleaning schedules, assurance of quality, and optimization of cleaning services based on the specific requirements of businesses. Taking care of the workspace’s cleaning needs can lead to happy and healthy employees, increased productivity, and growth in businesses. So, if you’re in need of professional cleaning services, we’re happy to help! Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!