The Dangers of a Dirty Office

A dirty office has more downsides than simple aesthetics. Aside from making your business appear disorganized and run down, it can pose dangers to you and your co-workers. Dirty offices are teaming with dangerous bacteria, which can cause an alarming number of illnesses and aliments. This can of course lead to employee downtime due to sickness. One of the number one reasons illnesses spread so quickly throughout an office is usually due to the office not being cleaned on a regular basis. Only by regularly cleaning your office by yourself or with commercial cleaning service, can you protect yourself and your co-workers from getting sick.

Another danger of a dirty, and cluttered office is that it projects a sense that the business itself is disorganized and not well run. First impressions count more than we think. Even if your companies work, product or service is excellent and it shows, a dirty or run down office will make clients rethink the value of your business, after all if you do not care about your own workplace why would you care about your product or service? A clean office or work place gives the impression that your business is well run, organized and accomplished, while a dirty office gives the opposite impression.

Did you know that a dirty office can lead to indoor air pollution? Did you know that building sickness is fast becoming epidemic among businesses? One of the leading causes of indoor air pollution is the carpets inside the workplace. Many people believe that simple vacuuming will do the trick, but nothing could be further from the case. The vacuum is one of the few appliances that has not changed in 100 years. It has 3 main components, the cleaning brush which is run by the motor, and the bag that dust and contaminants. The flaw with vacuum cleaners is that they don’t really clean. All vacuum cleaners do is displace the majority of the dust, as most of the dust goes right back out the air holes in the bag, or gets ground into the carpet. That is why Stay Clean Solutions using shampoo carpet cleaning or steam carpet cleaning, it is more efficient at removing dust and contaminants.

You should ask your employees to keep their workspace clean, and you should consider hiring a professional janitorial service, such as Stay Clean Solutions. We are a commercial cleaning company that has been serving southeastern Michigan since 1985, with a focus on commercial janitorial service. We provide high quality service at very affordable rates. There is no business that we cannot clean and maintain, and we can set services around your needs and expectations. We guarantee you will be more than happy with the results of our service. Call us today for a free quote.