Professional Flooring Finishing Is Important for Your Business

If you own, manage or run a business in Livonia, MI, you know that appearances matter. When potential customers or clients walk into your store or office, you want it to look clean, organized and inviting. One surefire way to achieve that is by having immaculate floors that shine when people walk over them.

To make your floors shimmer, the best move would be to use professionals who are well versed in the cleaning, finishing and maintenance of every type of floor that’s commercially available. If you choose to use experts for the cleaning, sealing and finishing of your floors in Livonia, MI, make sure they know what they are walking into so they can be adequately prepared for the task. Here are some tips on how to prepare your business’s stone floors for a refinishing.

Analyze the stone

Before you do anything else, you should check to see what kind of stone your floor is made of. It could be marble, granite, quartzite, terrazzo, limestone or something completely different. Once you discover what type of stone it is, you still need to know what type of finish it currently has. Most finishes are either polished, flamed or honed. You should check with the building manager if you aren’t sure, or failing that, consult company records or contact the company that installed your floor.

Determine the quality of the floor’s installation

Now you should look very closely at the floor. If it has tiles, see if they are flat or if any of them are uneven. If your floor is old, it’s possible that some tiles have become loose, cracked or broken over time. In that case, make a note of where the deficient tiles are located.

Check the stone’s condition

This is one of the more important steps. Examine the surface of the tiles meticulously. The coating needs to be assessed here. Are the tiles still shiny, or have many of them lost their luster? It would be helpful to know what type the original finish was, and you should note that and research other potential finishes you might want to use.

Keep it as clean as possible

Be sure not to skimp on maintenance just because you are going to have professionals come finish your floor. You want their job to be as easy as possible due to budgetary reasons and time constraints. You don’t want your company’s floor to be torn up and unusable for extended periods because it’s bad for business. But because you are having professionals in to work on it, stay away from using any chemical cleaners. Some easy ways to keep your floors clean include putting down floor mats at entrances and exits and keeping up with dust mopping. For dust mopping it’s recommended that you use a clean, untreated mop, and focus on high-traffic areas.

Call the floor finishing professionals at Stay Clean Solutions

If you have followed the above steps and gathered the requisite information, you can now contact Stay Clean Solutions for professional floor finishing in Livonia, MI. With you having done your part by successfully preparing your floors, let us do the hard work and get those stone floors shining like brand new. Your company does great work, and we believe its floors should reflect that—call today to schedule your appointment!