How to Keep Your Employees Safe When Going Back to Work

After nearly a year of working from home, more companies across the country are opening back up to allow employees to work in the office. While it will be nice to see everyone face to face instead of just on Zoom calls, bringing employees back into the office requires some heavy lifting to keep everyone safe. This post will teach you what to do to get your workplace ready in Livonia, MI:

  • Ensure clean workspaces: Keeping everyone safe starts with cleaning your office! Hire a reputable cleaning crew that uses commercial-grade cleaning products designed to kill viruses and bacteria. In addition to scheduling nightly cleanings, remind employees to keep their workspaces tidy throughout the day.
  • Space out desks: Social distancing and mask wearing go a long way in preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Ensure employees remain as far away from each other as possible by spacing out desks throughout the office. The farther away employees are from each other, the safer everyone will be.
  • Stagger schedules: Limiting the office capacity will do wonders to promote social distancing and help keep everyone safe. Having specific employees come in on specific days will limit the number of people in the office, thus reducing the chance of infection.
  • Promote regular handwashing: An easy tip on how to keep your employee work areas clean in Livonia, MI is to ensure everyone is washing their hands regularly! Set up hand sanitizing stations throughout the office and put up signs reminding people to wash and sanitize their hands frequently.
  • Restructure company meetings: The days of having company meetings in small conference rooms are over. Now, meetings should only be held in larger areas where there’s plenty of airflow and sufficient distance between individuals. Additionally, reconsider inviting everyone to an in-person meeting if it’s not essential for them to attend.

Hire our team to keep your employees safe

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