How To Find A Commercial Janitorial Service You Can Trust

You don’t have to look too hard to find someone who has had a bad experience with a janitorial service. With access to conference rooms, offices, desk drawers, and more, many untrustworthy janitorial companies have caused business owners nightmare after nightmare. For this reason, companies must seek a trustworthy janitorial service with a track record of providing honest service while maintaining excellent cleaning standards.

Because janitorial supplies are relatively inexpensive, some novice entrepreneurs dive head first into the janitorial service industry, which makes the industry comprised of several fly-by-night companies. Business owners should be leery of companies claiming to provide comprehensive janitorial services but don’t have a proven history of satisfying customers.

The highly skilled and trustworthy experts at Stay Clean Solutions have proudly provided businesses across Metro Detroit with professional janitorial service for more than 30 years. In addition to providing comprehensive janitorial services to offices, Stay Clean Solutions offers porter services, affordable building maintenance, floor cleaning and general maintenance, and provides thorough cleaning services after construction. Our experts use green cleaning tools and supplies to the greatest extent possible to ensure cleaning is done in an environmentally friendly manner.

Sometimes business owners mistakenly think that cleaning an office or workplace is something that anyone can do and believe that it’s better to hire one person to take care of the cleaning needs in an effort to save money. When they lose faith in the person’s abilities and contact a company with decades of experience in providing deep cleaning and maintenance services, they have only one regret – that they didn’t contact them sooner.

Remember, customers or clients who enter your place of business will notice when the area isn’t as tidy as it could be, which can result in a loss in business. Don’t gamble on fly-by-night companies who purport to provide outstanding services if they do not come with a strong recommendation from someone you trust. Instead, put your trust in the experts and contact Stay Clean Solutions today!