COVID-19: Commercial Cleaning Steps to Reopening

As businesses are reopening across the nation, many business owners are discovering that cleaning during the coronavirus pandemic in Livonia, MI is more involved than their regular commercial cleaning. In addition to getting dormant buildings back into shape, it’s also important to ensure that everything has been properly disinfected and sanitized.
Here’s what to consider when you’re getting ready to reopen for business.

Understanding CDC guidance

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued numerous guidelines for safely reopening your business. The COVID-19 virus spreads through respiratory droplets in the air and on surfaces. If the droplets are inhaled, you can contract the virus. It’s also possible to be infected by touching a virus-laden surface, then touching your eyes, nose or mouth. This means your cleaning process needs to be backed up by wearing a mask at all times, or you may contaminate the area without realizing it. Remember, coronavirus can be distributed by asymptomatic carriers (people who don’t even realize they’re sick).

How to get your business ready for reopening

The best way to deep clean and sanitize your business is to work with commercial cleaning companies like Stay Clean Solutions. We use CDC- and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved disinfectants to ensure a deep clean in any commercial environment, on top of our well-honed cleaning process. Here’s what the CDC recommends you do to clean your building:

Develop a plan: First, you’ll need to determine what needs to be cleaned, and how. For buildings that have been closed during the course of the pandemic, it is less important to sanitize every object—the virus lasts about three days on surfaces. However, if people have been coming in and out, you’ll need to deep clean. Consider where the highest-traffic areas are, whether there are outdoor areas to wipe down and where you expect customers or clients to linger. This will help you figure out where to focus.

Disinfect all surfaces: Next, start disinfecting your surfaces with CDC-approved disinfectants. Light switches, counters, doorknobs, keyboards, handles and other high-touch areas should be tended to first. In outdoor areas, wipe down tables, benches and chairs.

Vacuum and launder thoroughly: If your business has carpeting, upholstery or soft high-touch objects (such as toys in a daycare), vacuum thoroughly. Wash linens and other soft objects in the laundry machine whenever possible. You might want to put upholstered furniture away and use metal or plastic furnishings on a temporary basis.

Other tasks: Depending on how long it’s been since the last cleaning, you’ll also want to dust, wash windows, sweep and straighten up before reopening.

Maintain a regular cleaning schedule: Finally, set a schedule for regular cleanings. You should disinfect high-traffic areas several times per day, and teach your employees to wipe down keyboards, computer mice, light switches and countertops regularly.

Cleaning for COVID-19 in Livonia, MI is an involved process, but when you work with professional cleaners, it can cut your workload down significantly. Treat yourself to health and peace of mind when you call Stay Clean Solutions today.